Welcome to our May 2021 Newsletter

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In this issue:

  • Opportunity for Project Managers – apply by 1st June 
  • This year’s AGM – Monday 12th July, 7pm on Zoom
  • DCE Community Fund – open for applications – apply by 31st July
  • 3rd Share Offer – 700kW all installed.
  • 3rd Share Offer Reopened and CLOSED within 10 days!

Best wishes from DCE Directors: Derek, Emily, Henry, Pete, Tim, and Tom

Opportunity for Project Managers – please apply by 1st June

DCE anticipates a programme of works for the next few years, and would like to have three or four Project Managers on board, and so has decided to set up a flexible Project Management Framework, so that we can call on these skills as and when we wish to develop new projects.  

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Early notification of AGM Monday 12th July 7pm

This year’s AGM will be held by Zoom at 7pm on Monday 12th July at 7pm. In addition to the formal AGM there will be presentations and questions on our latest projects which include almost 500kW of solar panels at Weymouth College and the innovative Energy Local Bridport project. Energy Local Bridport will be the first example in England of local renewable energy generation supplied directly to householders through the existing grid.  The formal AGM papers and a Zoom meeting joining link will be emailed to all members 3 weeks before the AGM.

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Community Fund – open for applications  – apply by 31st July 

The Community Fund is currently open to support projects that aim to reduce carbon emissions and or address fuel poverty. They may also include local food, sustainable transport or waste reduction, and any other activity which reduces carbon emissions. The project must be located with the geographical area of the Dorset and BCP councils. The application must be on behalf of a community; self-help or voluntary group; a community enterprise or a charity. Applications should be in the range of £500 to £1500.

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3rd Share Offer completed all 700kW installed 

In May 2019, DCE raised £445,000 to support the installation of 700kW of roof mounted solar panels on schools and hospitals in Dorset. These installations were supported by a 40% grant from Low Carbon Dorset, making the total value £729,080. The installations were delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic, however the final installation was completed in April 2021, bringing DCE’s total portfolio to 1100kWp, across twenty- two locations, including: schools, community buildings and hospitals.

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3rd Share Offer Reopened and Closed!

DCE reopened its 3rd Share Offer on the 10th May, to raise a further £194,418 to install 467kWp of rooftop solar at three more sites.  These shares were offered firstly to ‘Over-Subscribers’ from our 2019 Share Offer, and secondly to our existing members.  The share offer was open from 10th May until the target was reached – which was 21st May.  Thank you to those of you who purchased shares.  

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