Dottery Solar Array Proposal

Dorset Community Energy hope to build a small ground-mounted solar array by the reservoir at Dottery.
The planning application has been submitted and the formal planning consultation is open.

About the scheme

If planning permission is granted, funding for the build will be raised via a community share offer, open to anyone living in Dorset.

We plan to make the electricity generated by the Dottery solar array available to local residents via an Energy Local Club. Energy Local Clubs offer a model for creating local energy markets. They allow members to buy cheaper electricity direct from local renewable energy installations, whilst also enabling renewable generators to earn slightly more for their power. Read more about Energy Local Clubs and our Energy Local Bridport pilot scheme.

Residents living close to the array would have the option to join an Energy Local Club and buy cheaper electricity from the solar array when it is generating. The Energy Local Club would be open to anyone living in the area.

What are the plans?

  • A 250kW solar PV array in the field to the north of the Wessex Water reservoir, by the crossing of Pymore Lane and Dottery Road.
  • Total site area: 3769 m². The size has been chosen to minimise the impact on the landscape and ecology.
  • Site will be screened from view, with native planting and design features giving a net biodiversity increase

Benefits of the proposed scheme:

  • Approx. 250 000kWh of renewable energy generated per year, saving around 62 tonnes of CO2e per year
  • Potential for up to 200 households buy cheaper electricity via an Energy Local Club
  • Investment opportunity for Dorset residents

Have your say

The full planning application is now available to view on the Dorset Council Planning Portal. We invite you to inspect and comment on the application. Click here to view and comment on the application.

For guidance on how to comment on an application, see this Planning Aid England help page.

9 Great reasons to support the project! – Pete West, secretary of Energy Local Bridport, and former director of Dorset Community England has produced this useful briefing sheet on the benefits of the project.