Energy Local Bridport Phase 2

Exploring new solar generation to power Bridport homes and businesses.


Energy Local Clubs offer an innovative system for trading renewable energy between generators and consumers locally. Our pilot Energy Local Bridport Club will allow 55 households in the Bridport area to purchase the electricity generated by the 50kW wind turbine at Salway Ash. Read more about how Energy Local Bridport works.

New renewables for Bridport

Energy Local Clubs create new opportunities for community energy. In Phase 2 for Energy Local Bridport, we would like to invest in building a 250kW ground-mounted solar PV array in the Bridport area. The array would be financed by a Dorset Community Energy share offer, and the electricity generated sold to local households or businesses through an Energy Local Club.

A full planning application has now been submitted for a 1.2 acre solar array by the crossing of Pymore Lane and Dottery Road, north of Bridport. Formal consultation on the application is open and we invite the public to view and comment on the application.

Background information