Opportunity for Project Managers – apply by 1st June 2021

DCE is a Community Benefit Society set up in 2013 with the aim of increasing the deployment of renewable energy in Dorset with community benefits. Our current portfolio includes 22 community-financed solar PV installations on schools, hospitals and community buildings (total installed capacity 1,100kW) with an income from FITS, and more recently from selling generated electricity at a discounted rate to the building hosts.

In addition, Dorset Community Energy has recently completed a feasibility study into direct supply through the grid of solar electricity from one or more 250kW ground-mounted solar PV arrays to householders and businesses in Bridport. It is an innovative project working with Energy Local CIC and Octopus Energy – the first of its kind in England (there are several examples in Wales).

DCE anticipates a programme of works for the next few years and therefore the directors have decided to set up a flexible Project Management Framework of 3-4 companies that we can call on when new projects come forward. i.e. following preliminary work by the directors, a company on the framework will be offered a potential PV installation to develop.

There is no obligation- if the company cannot accept the offer at the time due to other commitments the offer will be passed to a second company on the framework. The procurement exercise started by this document is therefore for prospective project managers/ companies or consultants to apply to be included on the DCE Project Management Framework based on their experience, knowledge and day rate.

Full details and how to apply.