Energy Local Bridport Phase 2

Exploring new solar generation to power Bridport homes and businesses.


Energy Local Clubs offer an innovative system for trading renewable energy between generators and consumers locally. Our pilot Energy Local Bridport Club will allow 60 households in the Bridport area to purchase the electricity generated by the 50kW wind turbine at Salway Ash. After some delays from COVID-19, we hope to have Energy Local Bridport up and running in Spring 2021. Read more about how Energy Local Bridport will work.

New renewables for Bridport

The Bridport array(s) would look similar to this 1-acre solar array in Somerset.

Energy Local Clubs create new opportunities for community energy. In Phase 2 for Energy Local Bridport, we would like to invest in building one or two 250kW ground-mounted solar PV arrays in the Bridport area. The array(s) would be financed by a Dorset Community Energy share offer, and the electricity generated sold to local households or businesses through an Energy Local Club.

We are currently conducting feasibility studies and pre-planning applications on two potential sites just outside of Bridport. The sites have been selected for their grid connection and low visual impact. View the Rural Community Energy Fund feasibility study report here.

Find out more

Watch the video of our community consultation webinar from 23 February 2021.

We are conducting a community consultation to help us ascertain whether there are enough domestic or business consumers interested in buying local electricity via an Energy Local Club for us to proceed with financing and planning the PV array(s). If you live or have business premises in the Bridport area, please help us by taking the survey below.

Project timeline

We anticipate the following rough timeline for project delivery:

StageExpected date
Express interest. Register your interest  by completing the Community Consultation survey or emailing 2021
Modelling of supply and demand. DCE will conduct modelling of the expected PV generation and electricity demand of the Energy Local Club members to ensure that the scheme is viable.Apr-May 2021
Planning consent. If there is enough demand, DCE will apply for planning permission for the PV array.June – Aug 2021
Indicate commitment. If everything goes as planned, DCE would ask for some commitment from you to join the Club when the PV is generating. If enough parties commit, DCE proceed to build the array.Aug-Nov 2021
Community share offer. DCE open a community share offer to finance the PV installation. Sept-Dec 2021
Construction of solar array. Managed by DCE.Jan-June 2022
You will be invited to join the Club, switch supplier, have a smart meter fitted and start buying the local electricity.June – Sept 2022