Energy Local Bridport is expanding

Energy Local Bridport wind turbine

Our long-awaited Energy Local Bridport Club finally got started back in September 2021. 14
households became the first in England to join an Energy Local Club, and started to get cheap
electricity when the wind turbine at Salway Ash is generating.

The initial 14 have helped to trial the Club systems, including Octopus’ billing system and an online
Dashboard that shows members when cheap power is available. There’s been a lot of learning to do
and some glitches, but most members are seeing savings.
In January 2022 for example, cheap power from the wind turbine accounted for approximately 24%
of the total electricity consumption in the Club, with members paying an average price of 13.4p/kWh
for electricity.

Now that the systems have been tested, we’re ready to start bringing more households into the
Club. Forty-one more households – who signed up back in 2020 – are due to join the Club. The
Energy Local Bridport Co-ordinator Alison is in the process of contacting all those waiting to join. If
you think you are due to join, or if you are unsure, please contact

Energy Local Bridport has been set up by Dorset Community Energy, with grant funding from the
Power to Change Community Fund. It is now run but a board of volunteer Directors with help from a
part-time Energy Local Co-ordinator.

Alison and Malc from the project were interviewed on the BBC Radio Solent Breakfast Show on the
13th January. Following this, the story was picked up by some national papers – see the articles in
the Daily Mail Online and The Times!