2017 Solar generation – 5% up on predictions.

In 2017, DCE’s 420kW of installed solar photovoltaic capacity generated 423,000 kWh of electricity, that’s 5% higher than predicted, which Milldown Primary School arrayis likely to mean that members will benefit from 5.5% interest on their investment again this year.

Have you ever wondered why people talk about kilowatts peak when they are talking about solar photovoltaic panels? Or perhaps your friends mock your investment in solar energy, because solar panels are only 15% efficient?

Well here is the answer!

A solar panel that is rated at 1 kW peak, would generate 1 kW in ideal conditions for that panel. These conditions include the direction the panel is facing, the angle of orientation and of course unimpaired access to the sun, i.e no clouds!
By this definition such a solar panel would only be 100% efficienct, if it was always noon on a sunny day! In such conditions a 1 kW panel, would generate 1 * 24 * 365 = 8,760 kWh.

The DCE panels total 420kW peak, last year they generated 423,000 kWh of energy – i.e. just over 1000 kWh per kW of panel.