Welcome to our November 2020 Newsletter

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In this issue:

  • 3rd Share Offer update – On track to complete all 700kW by March 2021
  • Adding ground-mounted PV to Energy Local Bridport
  • Asset Manager update

Best wishes from DCE Directors: Derek, Emily, Henry, Pete, Tim, and Tom

3rd Share Offer update – on track to install 700kW by March 2021

Since our last newsletter in May, and despite the Covid-19 complications, we have installed and commissioned further sites: All Saints, at Weymouth in May, Beaminster School in September, and our first Dorset Community Healthcare site, Bridport Community Hospital was commissioned on 29th October.

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Adding ground-mounted PV to Energy Local Bridport

Due to the extent of interest in this project, projected customer demand exceeds the current renewable energy supply of the 50kW wind turbine at Salway Ash.  DCE therefore secured funding from the Rural Community Energy Fund for a feasibility study to identify sites for two 200kW ground-mounted solar PV arrays to provide additional local renewable electricity.  Two sites have already been identified and work is underway to determine the exact build costs and likelihood of planning permission.  We also have a third site earmarked as back-up. 

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Asset Manager

A big thank you to Pete West who to date has been acting as Asset Manager for our installations, and is now stepping down from this role.  We have received four applications for the recently advertised post and will be looking to select shortly.