Adding ground-mounted PV to Energy Local Bridport

Due to the extent of interest in this project, projected customer demand exceeds the current renewable energy supply of the 50kW wind turbine at Salway Ash.  DCE therefore secured funding from the Rural Community Energy Fund for a feasibility study to identify sites for two 200kW ground- mounted PV arrays to provide additional local renewable electricity.  Two sites have already been identified and work is underway to determine the exact build costs and likelihood of planning permission.  We also have a third site earmarked as back-up. 

Example of a 1-acre solar array as proposed in the Energy Local Bridport solar feasibility study
Example of a 1 acre solar array as proposed by Energy Local Bridport

Unfortunately due to the pandemic, there has been a delay in households having smart meters fitted, and in Octopus Energy developing and piloting the bespoke metering and billing system.  This has meant that the club set up to trade the electricity from the existing turbine has not yet started operating. Energy Local Bridport are continuing to work closely with Octopus Energy to ensure progress on the project, and we expect operation to begin in the next few months. .