Dorset Community Energy 3rd Share Offer

Dear DCE Members and Newsletter Subscribers

Welcome to our 3rd Share Offer which is launched by this email, so you are the first to hear of it!

You are invited to invest in Dorset Community Energy , we hope to raise £445,000 to install 700kWp of rooftop solar panels on 10 schools and hospitals in Dorset.  The schools and hospitals will benefit from reduced price electricity, and reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

This offers you a low-risk, ethical, local investment opportunity that supports the community and helps to fight climate change.

You can invest between £100 and £50,000, and can expect to receive a target interest rate of 5.5% per annum once the panels are installed; and your capital returned in 17 instalments over 20 years.   New Members will benefit in the same way as existing Members, however the new sites in the 3rd Share Offer will be accounted for separately to those in the 1st and 2nd Share Offers.

Full details are on our website, where we also have an explanatory video.

We are also hosting four events, where we will explain the offer, and answer questions.  Each will be between 7:30 and 8:30pm, light refreshments will be available.

 Bridport 25th June Bridport Literary and Scientific Institute DT6 3JX
 Poole 27th June The Spire (Methodist Church) BH15 1DF
 Blandford 1st July The Blandford School (access via shared Milldown Primary entrance) DT11 7SQ
 Shaftesbury 8th July Shaftesbury Town Hall SP7 8LY

This offer will remain open until it is fully subscribed or until 31st July, whichever is sooner.  We will send two or three further emails to you to update you on progress and let you know when the offer is closed.

This email has been sent to all our existing Members and to subscribers of our newsletter.  We have created a separate mailing list for this purpose and will delete it once the share offer closes.  Newsletter subscribers will remain on our quarterly mailing list and Members will continue to receive communications from us regarding their investment. 

We hope that you will take this opportunity to invest in Dorset Community Energy 

Please help us to publicise this offer by forwarding this email widely.   If you received this email via forward and would like to subscribe for updates – subscribe here.

Best regards

DCE Directors: 

Tim, Pete, Henry, Derek, Tom, Emily