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In this issue:

  • DCE seeks new IT support – apply by 4th March 
  • DCE welcomes: Alison, Rose, Ralph, John and Lucy 
  • Thanks and farewell  to Pete 
  • Energy Local Bridport is expanding and featuring in the national press 

Best wishes from DCE Directors: Alison, Derek, Emily, Henry, Rose, Tim, and Tom

DCE seeks new IT support – please apply by 4th March  

Dorset Community Energy needs to engage new IT support to manage our web activities. You may be an existing producer, website builder, designer, developer or agency. We manage most of our updates in-house but require limited external support. Please refer to the Brief on our webpage and send a proposal to info@dorsetcommunityenergyorg.uk by 4th March.

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DCE welcomes: Alison, Rose, Ralph, John and Lucy 

DCE welcomes two new Directors: Alison and Rose, who have been co-opted pending formal approval at the AGM, and three new Team Members: Ralph, John and Lucy.  Together they bring a vast array of experience to DCE including: community engagement, local energy generation, and technical energy management.  

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Thanks and farewell to Pete 

Pete West, has recently stepped down as Secretary and Director of Dorset Community Energy.  Pete has made an immense contribution to the development of renewable energy in Dorset and beyond.  He has been part of DCE since it was founded in 2013 and a key player in its success to date.  Since 2013 DCE has installed a total of 1500kW of solar arrays on 24 public or community buildings.  Annual generation of electricity is now around 760,000kWh and annual CO2 savings around 175,000kg.  Pete continues to contribute to local renewable energy as secretary of Energy Local Bridport.   
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Energy Local Bridport is expanding and featuring in national press

Energy Local Bridport went live in September 2021 with 14 members . The Club has now started expanding beyond the current 14 households, and has recently featured in the national press. 

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