Dorset Community Energy 3rd Share Offer

November 2020 update

We have just installed and commissioned our first Dorset Healthcare site – 99kW at Bridport Community Hospital. We expect to complete installations at Alderney Hospital, Blandford Community Hospital this month, and we are working towards an installation at Sturminster Newton High School.

Full 3rd Share Offer update

August 2020 update

Sunny day - solar panels - Beaminster school

A further 112kW of solar PV are now installed at Beaminster School

This brings our installed capacity for this share offer to 356kW.

The story featured on the front page of the Bridport News on 26th August.

Read the story as it appeared in the Bridport News.

May 2020 update

A further 61kW of solar PV are now installed at All Saints School, Weymouth, bringing our installed capacity for this share offer to 244kW.

April 2020 update

Unfortunately progress on our installations has been delayed by a number of factors: a few sites have dropped out, extreme weather struck in February half-term and now corona virus has put a halt on non-essential travel and work.

Solar PV on Blandford School

The good news is that two sites were commissioned in February and performing well: Wey Valley and Blandford School (pictured) , totalling 183kW, installation has commenced at All Saints school with expected completion by end May, a further 61kW.

Please be reassured we are working hard to ensure we manage to install all the planned 700kW of solar, we have just commissioned three installers for the next 3 schools, and hope to re-engage with Dorset Healthcare when coronavirus restrictions are reduced. Our 40% grant from Low Carbon Dorset is secure, and our installation deadline has been extended.

We are unlikely to be able to pay the predicted 5.5% interest from 1st April 2020, however we expect to be able to pay at this rate from April 2021. N.B. Interest rates on our 1st and 2nd share offers are not expected to be affected – they continued to perform above prediction in 2019.

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3rd Share Offer – £445,000 raised to install an additional 700kW of solar PV in Dorset.

Following our successful share offer, the work to implement DCE’s 3rd 700kWp PV portfolio continues. The first installation will be 100kW at the Wey Valley Academy. Work will be commenced during the Autumn half-term and completed during Spring half-term. We are also aiming to install a further 3 sites in 2019.

The remaining sites will be installed next year and we are still expecting completion by the end of March 2020. Some sites have not yet signed the Heads of Terms, once these are signed outstanding shares will be issued. One site has decided not to progress the installation but we are in discussions with several alternative sites. If you invested in the 3rd share offer and have not yet received your share certificate, we will be corresponding with you later in October to provide a more detailed update. Do contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

The Dorset Community 3rd share offer is now closed to new applicants as we have reached the target £445,000.

We are delighted to announce that we reached our target of £445,000 within the six weeks that the share offer was open, this will allow us to install a further 700kW of solar photovoltaic panels on schools and hospitals in Dorset, saving them money, and reducing their carbon emissions.

If you still wish to invest, there is a possibility the share offer may re-open later in 2019 or early 2020, but this would be dependent on identifying new sites and a further successful grant application. If you are interested in investing in shares should the share offer re-open, please subscribe to our newsletter to be kept up to date.

If you wished to purchase shares in this share offer but have been unable to do so please e mail and we will add your contact details to a priority list for notification of future share offers. There is a possibility the share offer may re-open later in 2019 or early 2020, but this is dependent on identifying new sites and a further successful grant application

Our third share offer
Low-risk, ethical, local investment in Dorset

Earn 5.5% with a low risk, ethical, local investment, that helps fight climate change, and benefits the community.

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This offer has raised £445,000 to install 700kWp of rooftop solar panels, generating reduced-price electricity for schools and hospitals in Dorset.

The new sites:

We are planning to install solar panels at ten schools and hospitals – so far the sites listed below are confirmed. For more information see page 8 of the Share Offer document.

  • Wey Valley School: 97kW
  • Blandford School: 50kW
  • Alderney Hospital: 60kW
  • Blandford Community Hospital: 50 kW
  • St Ann’s Hospital: 29kW
  • Bridport Hospital: 50kW

For more information on our existing sites click here