New projects in Dorset

Thank you to those of you who completed our recent survey into attitudes about renewable energy in Dorset.  We are currently applying for feasibility funding for two new projects in Dorset. The first is to investigate the possibility of setting up a micro-grid for renewable energy in a co-housing project in Bridport, the second is to put more solar panels on Dorset schools.

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We are General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Compliant

On May 25th 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulations came in, tightening the law on how personal data is collected, stored and used.  We sent out two mailings to our mailing list in April and May asking people to opt in to continue to receive our newsletter. 75% of you did, thank you. Those who didn’t opt in but who have shares in Dorset Community Energy will continue to receive communication by e-mail relevant to their shares but will not receive additional news. We also wrote a Privacy Policy which is available on the website.

Should Dorset Community Energy expand? – Your views please!

Do you like fancy chocolates – then read on!

To date Dorset Community Energy has raised nearly half a million pounds from community share offers and installed 420kW on 16 schools and community buildings across Dorset. We are currently paying our members 5.5% interest on their investment, and will shortly start paying back the capital.

DCE have not installed any new PV for 2 years now, as the Feed-in tariff subsidy diminished and the tax incentives for community energy were removed.
However, installation costs have reduced, the Low Carbon Dorset programme have grants on offer to help fund installations, and energy storage options are now available.

Hence we are considering further share offers, and are interested in your opinion regarding the options. Any new projects would be legally and financially separate from current projects, so they would not add any risk to existing investments.

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Your response will strengthen our chance of securing grant funding for a feasibility study. Please reply by 23:59 on Sunday 20th May, and you will have a chance to win a box of locally produced high quality chocolates.

March 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to our March 2018 Newsletter

The sun shone last year, and we generated 5% more electricity than predicted, which is good news for members’ interest payments.  In this issue:

  • AGM – Save the date – 17th July – Bridport
  • DCE awarded grant for PV monitoring at Damer’s First School
  • Watch Pete show you how to make a solar-powered windmill
  • Nominate someone to receive your shares (up to value of £5,000) in the event of your death
  • Check out Sustainable Dorset’s new website

Best wishes from DCE Directors: Derek, Emily, Henry, Pete,Tim, and Tom

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DCE secure grant to provide PV monitoring equipment for Damer’s First School

To date Dorset Community Energy has only been able to provide monitoring equipment and educational activities for schools where we have installed solar panels. Now, we have secured a grant of £1,750 from the Postcode Local Trust (a grant-giving charity funded by players of People’s Postcode Lottery for Damers First School in Dorchester.

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Dorset Community Energy AGM – 2018

This year’s AGM will be held in Bridport on Tuesday 17th July at 7pm, venue to be confirmed.  The papers will be sent to members electronically at least three weeks in advance of the meeting.  Please save the date and come along.

Making a simple solar-powered model – video

Pete West, Dorset Community Energy secretary and a volunteer helping with educational activities, has produced a short video to demonstrate how to make a spinning paper plate solar model, which has proved popular with children of primary school age.

The video can be viewed on YouTube at this link                                 


2017 Solar generation – 5% up on predictions.

In 2017, DCE’s 420kW of installed solar photovoltaic capacity generated 423,000 kWh of electricity, that’s 5% higher than predicted, which Milldown Primary School arrayis likely to mean that members will benefit from 5.5% interest on their investment again this year.

Have you ever wondered why people talk about kilowatts peak when they are talking about solar photovoltaic panels? Or perhaps your friends mock your investment in solar energy, because solar panels are only 15% efficient?

Well here is the answer!

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Interest payments to members in early September

Following acceptance of the Dorset Community Energy Annual Accounts at the AGM held on 12th July and approval of the directors’ recommendation to pay members 5.5% interest, payments to members were completed by 9th September. The directors are optimistic that the target 5%-6% p.a. interest on members’ shares will be maintained in future years, subject to no unforeseen circumstances.