Energy Local Bridport

DCE director Derek Moss discusses Energy Local Bridport with the Leader of Bridport Council, Cllr Dave Rickard

Energy Local Bridport is Dorset Community Energy’s latest project launched on 11th January 2020. Working with experienced partners award- winning Energy Local CIC and innovative energy supply company Octopus Energy, the project aims to be the first in England to enable local households to purchase locally generated renewable electricity at lower cost than usual grid electricity prices. The development costs of the project have been met through a grant award from Power to Change Bright Ideas Fund and there are no joining costs for participating households.

The project will start by supplying electricity from the existing 50kW wind turbine near Salway Ash to 50-60 households within approximately 5 miles of Bridport. At present the wind turbine owner Peter Bailey receives 6p/ kWh for the electricity he exports to the grid, which is then sold to local households at typically over 15p/ kWh. Using Octopus Energy state-of-the-art metering technology Energy Local Bridport will enable the wind energy to be sold locally at 9p-10p/ kWh benefiting both the generator and householders and keeping the financial benefits in the local economy. Octopus Energy will also be responsible for metering and billing and providing top-up electricity when the wind turbine is not generating enough.

If demand is high, Dorset Community Energy would like to add 200kW of ground-mounted solar panels to supply additional renewable electricity to Bridport households and local businesses at 9p-10p/ kWh. Here is a link to the press release on launch of Energy Local Bridport and a link to key information with further details of how to get involved.